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(*Also fits GMC Tracker, GEO Tracker and Asuna Sunrunner)

Our 2-door Sidekick roof racks come with or without a removable expedition basket and come in half-length or full-length.  Both the half and full versions of the rack allow removal of the factory hard tops.

The full-length rack without basket serves well for transporting lumber ladders and small boats/canoes/kayaks while the half rack and basket are a perfect combination for those who need a lot more storage than the interior of their Sidekick offers. Our expedition baskets are a great pace for all your bulky gear like a Hi-Lift jack and other recovery equipment, fuel cans, chainsaw, coolers and other camping gear and so on.

Priced from:
Half-length rack $399.00
Half-length rack and expedition basket $849.00
Full-length rack $599.00
Full-length rack and expedition basket $1149.00

*All of our bumpers and accessories include sandblasting and powder coating.
**All installations performed by Balmer Fab are billed at the standard shop rate.

For the ultimate in storage we offer the full-length rack and expedition basket.  Extended camping treks require even more space for even more gear and Balmer fab has maximized the size of the basket while keeping it fitting the vehicle closely enough to allow access to the tightest trails. Hunters love the full-length frame/basket as a place to store both equipment and game. We even have an optional game hanger for our baskets so you can field dress in comfort!

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