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SIDEKICK REAR BUMPER (1989-1998 2-Door and 4-Door)
(*Also fits GMC Tracker, GEO Tracker and Asuna Sunrunner)

Rear receiver style bumper – Includes sandblasting and powder coating as well as mounting hardware and instructions.

Priced from $774.99

*All of our bumpers and accessories include sandblasting and powder coating.
**All installations performed by Balmer Fab are billed at the standard shop rate.


Available options:

  • Top Plate upgrade (10 ga. Checker plate): $99.99
  • ¾" thick recovery shackle mounts (Pr.) - Includes sandblasting, powder coating and hardware: $49.99
  • ¾" Gold Pin recovery shackles: $39.99 (Pr.)
  • Swing away tire carrier with radius plate: $449.99
  • Swing away heavy duty latch upgrade: $124.99
  • Hi-Lift jack mount: $44.99
  • Aluminium Fuel can holder (removable): $299.00
  • Metal 5 gal. fuel can: $99.00

* Add $74.99 to the price of the bumper for sport models.
** All installation done at the shop rate of $90.00 per hr.
*** Bumper weight 60Lbs (without accessories). Swing arm weight 35Lbs.

Powder Coat Disclaimer