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Refurbished Plumbing Coring Bits


We’re proud to serve the heating/plumbing industry with a number of reliable products and services that you can count on! We’ll save you both time and money and you can expect top notch customer service as well.

Here’s just some of the products and services we offer:


We’re now offering a refurbishing service for your wood coring bits of all sizes. Rather than replacing an entire coring bit when the carbide tips break, you can now simply drop them off for refurbishing. We cut the old cutting head off of your coring bit and add a brand new one for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire tool.

We’re already serving multiple contractors with total satisfaction. In fact, by all accounts, the replacement cutting heads are outlasting the stock cutting heads by up to 50% and the savings are approximately 60% across the board! With a 0% failure rate to top it off, those are some solid numbers!


You supply your old coring bit and hole saw
$59ea. (regardless of size)

You supply your old coring bit and we supply the hole saw.
3 in. - $124 ea.  |  4 in. - $134 ea.  |  4 1/4 in. - $139 ea.



In addition to our coring bit refurbishing service, we’re also offering a wrench for installing/removing Hilti BI adapters in your coring bits. Over time your coring bit adapters/BI connectors will wear and become deformed warranting replacement. The wrench is water jet cut from hardened steel for an ultra-precise, long-lasting service life. The splines on the wrench are slightly undersized (by several thousandths of an inch) when compared to the BI adapter itself. This is in order to offer confident engagement on even damaged adapters. When it comes to coring bits, Balmer Fabrication has you covered on both ends!

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CNC designed, cut and formed - Balmer fab’s storm sumps are available in any size/configuration you require. We can work with your files or design the sump based on your requirements. We’ve even produced storm sumps where the access panel must be below the water level which includes a water tight gasket and stainless-steel hardware.

Our storm sumps are fully welded at the outside seams and sealed with a high-quality sealant on the inside. Our sumps are sandblasted and powder coated for long-term, corrosion-free service.


Balmer Fab’s seismic pump stands provide rigid support and restraint for vertical inline pumps. CNC designed, cut and formed, these stands can withstand at least 1 g of lateral seismic force for most pump and motor combinations. Neoprene grommet washers are available to minimize shock loading on the anchor bolts to ensure the equipment stays in place during and after a seismic event. These high-strength steel supports are engineered for a wide range of pump and motor size combinations.


These infinitely adjustable stands support the dead load of static pipe, and provide enough strength to withstand at least 1 g of lateral force during a seismic event.  These seismic pipe stands can accommodate varying floor heights and changing pipe sizes as well as provide allowance for roof slopes. Available with any flange/cradle design to suit your needs.