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Custom Steel Fabrication

There are no rules, only options here at Balmer Fab. We’ve turned out everything from motorcycle frame modifications (café racer) to full hunting buggy builds and we’re ready to produce top quality custom components for your project as well! Have a look at the photos below and let your mind wander as you consider the possibilities of custom work at Balmer fab.

Custom Roof Racks/Expedition Baskets Back to Top

We produce custom roof racks to fit any vehicle for any purpose. From a simple frame to support lumber, ladders or a boat to something more complex like an expedition basket, Balmer Fab is ready to build the rack that suits your needs. We're also happy to incorporate custom mounts onto our racks/baskets for gear such as kayaks/canoes, bikes, spare tires, roof top tents, fuel/water containers, Hi-Lift Jacks, chainsaws, axes, shovels and much more. At Balmer Fab there are no rules, only options.  Please contact us for details and estimates on custom work.


There’s no vehicle we can’t fit rock sliders too – and that includes uni-body rigs as well! Balmer Fab has produced countless sliders tailored for most every type of vehicle some which have even included integral skid plating and more! We offer several different types of tubing, many rub rail/kick-out designs, top plates with dimple died holes or a checkered finish, attachment points for fender guards and much more. Our sliders can be produced as a weld-on design or as a bolt-on pieces. Please contact us for details and estimates on custom work.