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(Also fits GMC Tracker)

Crushing a nice straight rocker panel can be heartbreaking... Before you hit the trails in your Vitara/2nd Gen Tracker be sure to protect its most vulnerable points and do it in style with Balmer Fab’s rock sliders!  Our Vitara/2nd Gen tracker sliders are a gusseted weld-on design and are available in standard or heavy duty. They come with full length rub rails to which any of our 3 styles of kick-outs can be added. Our sliders are available for 2-door and 4-door models.
Our rock sliders not only provide full rocker panel protection but they save the sides of your truck from trail damage as well. You can confidently use our sliders as a jacking point and use them to pivot against rocks and trees too!  Balmer Fab’s products are trail proven and super tough.

Priced from $524.99
(Includes sandblasting and powder coating in your choice of matte or semi-gloss black)

*Zinc rich primer is available for added rust protection.